3 Essentials When Working With A Licensed Professional

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with a variety of licensed professionals at Bigar Creative. Our agency primarily focuses on those in the healthcare space now, but we do have other licensed professionals on our client roster such as attorneys and accountants. Here are five things to keep in mind if you are freelancing (in any way) with a licensed professional.

  1. Never Assume. Chances are you didn’t go to law school or medical school. Remember that you are not the expert and your client is likely NOT expecting you to be. They are hiring you to be in expert in your field to help grow their field/business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before posting or speaking on behalf of any licensed professional. Your actions could have major consequences for your client if you assume you know the answer.

  2. Come Up With A Schedule. Licensed professionals are usually very busy people. It’s your job to find a way to provide communication and ideas without bombarding them with 5 emails or phone calls each day. At Bigar Creative, we’ve designed weekly content calendars which, though a lot of work on the front end for us, helps the week go smoothly on the content front. This allows us to check in and touch base once a week which is great for everyone. We believe good content is planned content.

  3. Make Their Lives Easier. You constantly have to prove value through results, hard work and management skills. In addition to your schedule, come up with a system of reports, analytics, and suggestions each month. Handle simple tasks that you can take off their plate (remember never assume).

Licensed professionals make for some of the best clients!

If you are thinking of freelancing in any way for a licensed professional, there’s a lot to know before jumping in. Make sure everything from your onboarding process to execution, reporting, and beyond is flawless before offering your services.

Have questions? Just ask!