The End of Third-Party Data (On Facebook, at least!)

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It’s coming!

In a few short days, Facebook will pull the plug on the third-party data sharing feature. This means advertisers will have to get that data on their own. The ‘Partner Categories’ ad targeting option was a BELOVED feature by many marketers…our team included!

It allowed us to target consumer behaviors, lifestyles, location, age, INCOME, hobbies (I once targeted people over the age of 65 who recently returned from a vacation) and other factors.

Facebook’s third-party data program feature was basically an all-inclusive treasure trove for advertisers. When we bought ads using Partner Categories, Facebook allocated a percentage of money to cover the data costs from the bid price.

Another fun fact is that Facebook won’t be changing the price of their ads even though they are removing the data feature. So, we’ll be paying the same amount we paid for ads with detailed targeting minus the detailed marketing data they once included.

Oracle Data Cloud is just one example of a “data broker” who gathers information by targeting browsers, public records, and purchases. The changes mean that marketers will now have to gather third-party data themselves by using companies like Oracle.

We have the Cambridge Analytica scandal to thank for the new privacy and data protection practices. But, overall it’s a good thing! Now there’s more transparency on data collection both as a user and advertiser. It will just take a little more work on the advertising side of things to keep ad costs down.

Another Facebook Surprise


It seems like everyday there’s something new! As a social media marketing company, it’s our job to keep up with ALL of the latest trends and updates (which you can imagine is quite the job!)

A few days ago, we found out about a new Facebook regulation you probably didn’t even know about. It appears Facebook is ramping up their security efforts even more by deleting inactive advertising accounts.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

If you have an ad account in Business Manager, keep it active! Facebook now frowns upon having multiple, inactive advertising accounts in Business Manager. The key word here is inactive. I’m working on finding out the minimum daily advertising spend that Facebook considers active (my guess now is $1).

It’s been a marketing hack to set up a few advertising accounts to “keep them in your pocket”- so to speak. Marketers would do this in case one advertising account was flagged and/or shut down. We call it Facebook Jail. We hear it’s REALLY hard to get out of. (We only do legal and ethical ads so none of our clients have been in Facebook Jail on our watch)

Now there’s no more (inactive) “back up” accounts! This makes it even more important than EVER to have someone on your team working in the field.

Keep your advertising accounts active! Once they are frozen or flagged, it’s pretty much goodbye (unless you have a connection).

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