Building A 'STICKY' Site

What makes a sticky website?

This was a topic I taught last week to a group of students at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting and it was a great refresher. The average person only spends a few seconds on a website. So, how do you get their attention? How do you really pull them in and make them stick around?

Have one clear CTA

People need to understand what you want them to do once they land on your website. Tell them…and use a nice layout (buttons work great). Secondary CTAs are fine, but use them in order of priority.

Build A Clean Website

Think: white backgrounds, legible fonts, headings, beautiful stock photos that have a centralized focus etc. There are many elements that make a clean website but generally less is more.

Provide Value

Wanna build an extra sticky website? Provide value to the reader. Give them something to take away. Show them how you product or service will make their lives better. Marketing is all about solving a problem.

Sticky website are engaging, welcoming, and concise. Need a website review? Give us a call today!