Facebook Advertising 101: Understanding Personal Attributions

When it comes to advertising, you want to put out an ad that speaks directly to your market- especially on Facebook. You probably know that custom audiences, Internet-based audiences and lookalike audiences are all great tools to use when targeting. But, what should you do when it comes to actual ad copy? Don’t risk getting your advertising account flagged! Here are some tips that will help you create customized ads without getting shut down.

For starters, understand that your ads must not contain content that implies personal attribution. This includes references (direct or indirect) to a person’s finances, age, medical condition etc. This doesn’t mean you can’t target someone by their personal finances, medical condition or age, it just mean can’t imply personal attribution to them.

Additionally, forget about the word “other” i.e. “come meet other singles”. There’s an obvious personal attribution there.

Still confused? Here are some good DO vs. DON’T examples…

DON’T Come meet other young adults ages 18-25” (mistakes: use of the word “other” and age reference to 18-25 group)

DO “A great opportunity to network with young professionals at our upcoming event.”


DON’T “Are you single?” (mistake: direct reference targeting relationship status)

DO “A dating service for singles!”


DON’T “Is depression making you feel suicidal?” (mistake: direct reference with implication that anyone who clicks has depression)

DO “Depression counseling services available offering new hope and a fresh outlook on life.”

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